Reichian Therapy
The Technique, for Home Use

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For the first time, the Reichian technique of body-based psychotherapy is presented to the public. In this free ebook you are provided with all the exercises that you can do either alone or with a helper.

In addition to the book, there is also an audio file to let you hear the different sounds that are used in Reichian therapy. The file provides both correct sounds and examples of common errors. This file is called sounds of Reichian.

Further, there are four one-hour Reichian therapy session audio files that may be downloaded. Each session is of a different patient. The patients consented to have their session recorded and published. No names are used. The patient files are annotated with the author's comments added. Thus, for example, errors in execution of exercises or errors in sounds are noted on the annotated audio.

The audio files are in .mp3 format. While many audio programs can play .mp3 files, it is recommended that you download and install the free: audacity program. You may find this program through a search engine (key: audacity audio software) or use the URL of: This program is easy to use and has the virtues of allowing you to see the sounds dispalyed and to both amplify parts of the audio and to drag to mark a part of the audio to repeat play it. This program was used by the author in preparing the audio files for this presentation.

Reichian therapy has been practiced by trained therapists for 80 years. Until now the technique was a closely guarded secret being available only to people who went through a multi-year training. In short, until now Reichian therapy has been based on an antiquated guild system of learning.

Reichian therapy, as a technique of psychotherapy, is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, Reich linked the technique to an unnecessary and scientifically untenable energy concept. In this presentation of the technique it stands on its own merits and does so in the light of contemporary knowledge of medicine and psychology.

While this book is not directed to practicing therapists, they may well find that it adds significantly to their knowledge of the technique. A subsequent book will be directed to therapists. In the subsequent book I will present the issues which were not appropriate to the home use of the technique (e.g. design of the Reichian office, diagnosis, exercise performance standards, etc.).

The book is formatted in Acrobat pdf format for double sided printing. It runs to 536 pages with indexes. If your printer provides for double sided printing, this is strongly recommended. Further the book contains 252 photographs and six drawings or diagrams. These print much better at 600 or 1200 dpi. The book is formated as a trade paperback which means the page height is 8 inches (20 cm) and the page width is 4 3/8 inches (11 cm). This was done so that your copy can be cut and then bound to fit in a normal book case.

The copyright allows you to produce or publish as many copies as you like. There are no royalties. The details of the copyright are in the book.

The book was written by Jack Willis. He trained for 9 1/2 year and has 35 years experience as a trained Reichian therapist. He is a fourth generation Reichian therapist (Reich to Dr. A. to Dr. B to Dr. C to Dr. Willis). He is in private practice in Los Angeles and may be reached at: (01)-310-215-1776 or Email must contain REICHIAN THERAPY as the subject and may not include attachments unless permission is obtained for sending attachments. All email received without that subject heading will be email-filter deleted. Comments on the book and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

I would like to express my appreciation to John-Michael Battaglia for his suggestions and help in condensing the pdf and audio files. John-Michael is a film writer and producer. His work may be viewed at

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Note. This site is a mirror of content once hosted at After Dr. Jack Willis' passing in 2010, the website eventually shut down and changed its owner. This site will be kept alive to further make available Dr. Willis' excellent work free for all interested in Reichian therapy. As Dr. Willis himself stated in the copyright notes, the book may be distributed for free, therefore there is no copyright infringement. Another mirror of can be found at If you have any questions or comments, please write to chris _at_

Dr. Jack Willis was preparing a second book about Reichian therapy but it seems he passed away before he could finish it. I would be glad if this material could be made publicly available and I want to offer my help. If you are or know a relative, a former student/client, or if you know anything about this draft, please contact me (chris _at_ I'd like to stress that I have no commercial interest but I am interested in making use of the material.

If you prefer a paper version of this book and find it too cumbersome to print and bind, there are currently (January 2014) two versions available via retailers, one by New Falcon Press, the other by CreateSpace Independent Publishing. I, the maintainer of this site, am affiliated with neither publisher, yet I had a look at both versions. I find them both equally suitable. The CreateSpace book is an exact pdf-to-print version of edition 2 (February 2008), whereas the last edition available online via (and also here) was edition 3 (June 2008). I don't know the differences between edition 2 and edition 3. The New Falcon Press book is edited but I don't know which edition formed the source. As far as I can tell, there are no omissions or additions, the layout is just a bit nicer (in my personal opinion).

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